Brake Service and Repairs

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A well serviced vehicle includes safe brakes.  You can be assured when you have your vehicle serviced by us, we will check and provide a report on the condition of your brakes.  Your vehicle's brakes are one of the most important safety features on your car and must be functioning properly at all times.   Braking systems create a lot of HEAT when in use. This heat can cause warping, bending, glazing and wear on the brake components.

Problems may show up as:

The most obvious way to check if your brakes are working is to check your brake warning light.

Our specialist brake service includes replacement of brake pads, machining of disc rotors and drums and brake testing.  We have the specialist equipment necessary to carry out all brake repairs onsite including brake lathe, on-car brake lathe, and brake hose manufacture.

For effective braking, your disc rotors should always be machined by an expert to ensure a smooth surface and more effective braking.  If the disc rotors are too thin to be machined, they will need to be replaced along with the pads.

Refrain from getting cold water (such as when you wash the vehicle) on HOT brake parts especially after heavy braking periods.

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