Radiator Repairs

Radiators.jpgRadiator leaks of any size will weep, drip or spray coolant resulting in loss of coolant and usually engine overheating, causing considerable damage. Some radiator tanks are vulnerable to steam erosion caused by excessive heat.

A clogged radiator may look good on the outside but allow little coolant flow and heat transfer.

A full inspection of your radiator and cooling system, belts and hoses, fan, cap, thermostat, and coolant reservoir, is required at every service to check for leaks, corrosion or blockages.

A pressure test will reveal any leaks or other problems. This allows us to detect any problems early and arrange for the cleaning, repair or replacement of your radiator. New belts and hoses are often recommended as preventative maintenance to reduce the risk of engine damage due to overheating.

If you are heading into a cooler climate, we recommend the use of anti-freeze in your radiator. A complete Cooling System Flush Service should be carried out every two years as preventative maintenance for your Radiator.

Cooling System Flush Service

If your cooling system fails, your engine could suffer severe damage leading to costly repairs. The best assurance for your cooling system is preventative maintenance.

However, simply draining the radiator and refilling it with new coolant is not enough because it leaves about 50% of the used coolant behind. Our Cooling System Flush Service replaces 90-95% of the contaminated coolant with fresh coolant. This process also removes rust and scale deposits throughout the cooling system, not just the radiator.

Radiator sealant is also added to help prevent minor leaks, foaming and lubricate water pump seals. A cooling system service is recommended about every two years/75,000km, to protect your radiator and cooling system.


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