Receive an accurate diagnosis of any Automatic Transmission problem. Our Automatic Transmission service includes removing auto pan, replacing the filter, a flush out and change of automatic transmission fluid.

Automatic Transmission Flush Service

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Over 90 percent of all automatic transmission failures are due to overheating and contamination. In a typical transmission flush only 40% of contaminated fluid is replaced. Our Transmission Flush Service safely powers away virtually all life-robbing dirty fluid and contaminants. Fresh Automatic Transmission Fluid and conditioners are pumped in, to revitalise the seals and o-rings, extending the life of your transmission and helping you avoid costly repairs or replacement.


Manual Transmission Overhaul & Servicing

Manual Trans.jpgWe diagnose manual transmission problems, dismantle and provide you with an exchange transmission. Obtain a quote on your manual transmission overhaul or service.

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