Warning Indicators

Warning Indicators take the form of lights on your dashboard. When you start a vehicle its comptuer checks out the operating systems.    As cars have become more complex, the number of different dashboad warning lights has grown significantly.  Modern electronic systems like airbags or stability control are constantly self-testing and it's important for you to know whether a warning light requires immediate attention or whether you can continue your journey and get a garage to investigate later.

If a warning light comes on (or fails to extinguish after you've started the engine) you should stop as soon as possible in a safe place.  The only solution is to have us plug in a scan tool which "talks" to the vehicle's computer to find out what the fault is indicating.  Remember, when the Air Bag warning light is on your airbags wont work.

Many warning lights are specific to the car make or even the model – the vehicle handbook should give you a detailed explanation of their meaning and the action to take.  There are basically three different types of dashboard warning lights:


Green Headlight.jpgInformation lights dashboard symbols– are usually green or blue or white and shows that the indicated system is on.

Orange Light.jpgDashboard warning lights symbols– is yellow or orange and need your attention. This mean your car need to be serviced or need repair soon.

Red ABS Light.jpgDashboard alert lights symbols – is red and this mean your car have serious problem or safety issue.







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