New Car Servicing

Have your new vehicle expertly serviced by us while still under manufacturer's warranty. We guarantee only genuine parts will be used and all servicing carried out strictly in accordance with the maunfacturer's service handbook. Your handbook will be stamped and completed correctly and the re-sale value on your vehicle maintained.

The importance of regular vehicle servicing...

There are good reasons to have your car serviced regularly.  Your car owner’s manual contains service recommendations, service intervals, including which components and systems must be checked depending on make and model.  This service program is set by manufacturers to ensure proper care of the vehicle is being undertaken.  Many procedures must be carried out at set dates or kilometers.  Often, failure to maintain an up to date service schedule will cause your vehicle warranty to be considered null and void.

As a general rule, you should have your car serviced every six months, unless there is a particular repair needed or an obvious malfunction, in which case you will need to address the issue straight away to avoid more serious damage.

A well serviced car requires less fuel, oil and tyres and the engine will function smoothly and efficiently. It will also prolong the life expectancy of your car’s engine and ensure your vehicle is safe and reliable for you to drive.

If your vehicle is still under Manufacturer’s Warranty, we guarantee only genuine parts will be used and all servicing carried out strictly in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations.  Your log book will be stamped and the value of your new vehicle maintained. 

Engine Oil

Engine oil lubricates, cleans, cools and protects the moving parts of your engine from excessive wear, but oil does degrade over time which can lead to contamination and sludge build up.  Probably the only warning you will receive is if the Oil Indicator light on your dashboard is on.  The real problem is you can't see or feel the damage being done to your engine until its too late.   If the Oil Indicator light comes on, it usually means your engine oil is very low and must be topped up immediately.  It can indicate a leak or worn engine parts, and you should have our team check it as soon as possible.  Having your vehicle serviced regularly will mean the oil will also be changed on a regular basis.  Having the oil changed regularly is cheaper than having to repair or replace the engine.  Not all oils are equal.  Our Technicians can recommend the best oil for your vehicle.



Have your new vehicle serviced without voiding the Manufacturer's Warranty.  Contact us for a competitive quote on your servicing.






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