Engine Analysis/Electronic Diagnostics

Vehicle systems are controlled by computers. They have no moving parts and therefore nothing can be checked by taking them apart. They must be plugged into an Electronic Scan Tool which indicates the faults and relays them to the Technician.  A scan tool is the "blood test" for your vehicle and a great way of finding small items before they become major problems.

On most occasions there is no telling sign of the problem or it may be a warning light on the dashboard. Our Technicians will connect a scan tool to your vehicle to help speed up the time taken to diagnose the problem and therefore the time taken to fix it. This tool allows our team to access all the systems including the brake, air bag, engine managmeent and automatic transmission.  Maintaining these in the optimum setting saves you time and costs and most of all gives peace of mind knowing your vehicle is safe.

CODA Engine Analysis is the latest technology in engine analysis systems. Faults such as ignition misfire, blocked filters, and poor fuel economy can be tested by a simple measure of your vehicle's exhaust gas content. Digital and graphic text messages are displayed to monitor engine mechanical condition, ignition performance as well as ECU, oxygen sensor, air mass measurement, throttle position sensor outputs on all EFI engines, or carburettored engines, of any make or model. This world-class diagnostic technology allows the service technician to quickly identify problem areas. Computer diagnosis of complex faults is often the only way determine repairs required on late model vehicles.  Make an appointment for a complete engine analysis.

 CODA - The most up to date Coda Engine Analyser.jpgtest equipment available to test:

  Engine Management System

   Air Mass Metering Circuit

  Cooling & Air Temp Circuits

  Throttle Position Circuit

  Fuel System Lambda

  Mass Exhaust Gas

  Engine Mechanical

  Air / Fuel Ratio

  O2 Sensor

Ignition System

Fuel Pressure & Flow

Engine Combustion Efficiency

Fault Code Extraction & Live Data Display


Emissions Testing

A well maintained vehicle has emissions close to the standard of a new vehicle. High emissions may indicate a problem which requires a tune-up or repairs which could possibly save you money on petrol. We also test modified vehicles, smokey vehicles and LPG vehicles.

Coda EA.gifWhat is Roads and Maritime Services doing to reduce vehicle emissions?

Roads and Maritime Services, along with other agencies, has done extensive research to improve vehicle emissions, and has developed and implemented a range of initiatives to reduce the impact of vehicle emissions on air quality in NSW.

Click here for more information regarding the "Cleaner Air Initiative" of the Roads & Maritime Authority of New South Wales.


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