Steering and Suspension

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Specialist attention and service is available for all your steering and suspension needs. We can assist you with manual steering, power steering, shock absorbers, springs and any other suspension components you may require. We also offer upgraded suspension packages to enhance vehicle road handling. New shock absorbers will improve your vehicle's performance, safety and handling. Shock absorbers keep wheels in contact with the road. You will be able to stop faster, avoid any nose-diving and reduce tyre wear.


Chris Albertini Automotive is a Monroe Safety Specialist









STOPPING: Just one worn shock absorber can increase your stopping distance.

STEERING: Worn shock absorbers can cause your tyres to lose contact with the road, dramatically affecting steering.

STABILITY: Worn shock absorbers cause excessive sway around corners, making the car a lot less stable.




Power Steering Flush Service

Wynns Machine.jpgPower steering systems are well-known for precise steering and excellent handling control. As with all quality machinery, the system needs periodic maintenance. Our Power Steering Flush Service will remove harmful deposits and impurities, reduce wear and noise, condition and revitalise seals and components and help prevent internal power steering leakage. If you already have power steering problems, a Power Steering Flush Service could postpone or eliminate the need to replace components, clean, condition and prepare the entire system for the replacement of worn components, and help keep the same problems from developing again. This service is designed specifically to keep your steering system running smoothly, responsively and safely.

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