Exhaust Repairs

Your car's exhaust system also needs regular checks.  A noisy muffler is an obvious sign of a problem. However, sometimes a defective exhaust system is not all that obvious and requires an expert to identify if there is a problem.

Catalytic Converter

Vehicles manufactured after 1986 must have a Catalytic Converter fitted to the exhaust system.  The Catalytic Converter transforms any harmful gases into other substances such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and water, to ensure what comes out of your exhaust is environmentally friendly.


Extractors are an inexpensive way to boost the power of your engine.  They can help to increase power for towing, help run the engine cooler, improve fuel economy and achieve more torque from your 4WD.

muffler jpg.jpg


We can fit a range of exhaust parts to suit all makes and models including partial replacement of exhaust systems and/or repairs to keep your vehicle performing well and eliminate dangerous fumes.


Click HERE for information on our Emissions Testing service.





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